What is the fun if you have a website which is viewed only by you? Just having a website will not ensure your site getting lot of visitors. Your site should be introduced and popularised so that people should come know about the site and its purposes. We help you in that too! Imagine your site flooded with visitors!

    We offer a wide spectrum of website promotions including banners ads, opt in mail campaigns, assured visitors, targeted visitors, guaranteed sign ups absolutely spam-free! Coupled with our cheapest rates (eg: Less than 50 ps / guaranteed visitor), we provide the smartest interface to advertise and promote your site and business on the net. More visitors = More profits!


  • ITEMS Starting from Cheapest rates Special Offers
    Banner impressions Rs 50 10 ps / impression  
    Unique Visitors Rs 50 50 ps / visitor
    Search marketing setup Rs 500 Rs 500
    Targeted vistors Rs 500 Rs 1.5 / visitor
    Opt in mail campaigns Rs 500 25 ps / mail
    Guaranteed sign ups Rs 500 Rs 7 / signup  
    Online surveys Rs 5000 Rs 25 / survey
    Sales promotion campaigns Rs 5000 5 %
    Other solutions Please discuss
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